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Specialization in Photography

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Untitled (2013) from James Batten on Vimeo.

A short video made during a week-long unit about Film during Semester 2 at the Z├╝rich School of Arts.
My inspiration was the ever accelerating and increasing digitalisation of our world.
The tendence here is clear. Experiences, nature, feelings, emotions, ideas, everything is being
digitally translated and somehow categorized.
Within this digital world things cease to exist as we know them, they become foreign binary
codes that are only relevant when again decoded by our experience.
The information for us is much different that for the computer.

This short video was created using a dSLR and pd-extended.
Three layers of sound were created based upon the image data and layered over the video itself using video editing software.
The first layer of tone is based upon the median value of all the pixels within the scene.
The second and third are based upon an individual pixel specified within the scene.